This new track by Moonga K., and Sampa The Great will surely ignite your rebellious spirit.

“Rebel Time” is dedicated to the search for identity and fighting for your place in the world: rebel ˈrɛb(ə)l/ time tʌɪm’: a point of realisation that all conformity is useless.

The track has an interesting story. First of all, it’s important to mention that the two artist grew up together and share similar fate of immigrants as well. The song was born from conversations the two artists had about how they’ve grown up and how they explore the world as immigrants. Moonga K. elaborates:

When you’ve lived in different countries, you explore so many parts of yourself and your way of thinking, your way of presenting yourself to whoever you meet. And that can make it quite difficult when folks try to claim you. You don’t become monolithic and it can be a good and bad thing when trying to find a sense of belonging, Because it’s like, we’re always running. And i believe that’s what rebels do. We stand and fight wherever we are. And i think it’s important to speak this out.

“Rebel Time” is the second single from Moonga K.’s upcoming EP.