This is the third single from Sampology’s forthcoming LP Regrowth.  

„Reassemble” is an up-tempo and soulful song written during the first meeting between Sampology and James Chatburn in James’ current Berlin home. Following this first session, the song travelled to Brisbane, Australia. On this collaboration, Sampology said: 

I distinctly recall walking the streets of Kreuzberg after the session with James Chatburn. I had brought him an instrumental I had been working on and he brought so much life and strong melodic value to the song. That Melody was rolling through my head walking the streets and I could not escape the desire for it to evolve into a lush, classic, orchestral Disney-styled emotional creature. That cemented my plan to put together string groups and woodwind when I got back to Australia for “Reassemble” and some of the other album tracks.

Continuing the live instrumentation on “Memories In Flight” and “Suffer And Swim”, “Reassemble” features lush and soulful strings, woodwind, xylophone and warm percussion, combined with James Chatburn’s powerfully soulful voice which sucks the listener into a rich and delicate environment. “Reassemble” hints at the natural and personal themes contained on Sampology’s upcoming album.

The song is accompanied by a dreamy video, which you can watch below: