That sweet, sweet jazz! “Realisations” is the definite showcase of Ashley Henry’s talents as an instrumentalist, composer and band leader. It’s a six-minute enigmatic tour de force of classic jazz invigorated by Henry’s prowess and originality.

“Realisatons” is not a stand-alone release. It’s the second track off Henry’s debut LP The Beautiful Vinyl Hunter. It’s an impressively inventive album that is no afraid of featuring hip-hop and grime artists, as well as collabs with some other emerging faces from the contemporary jazz scene like Makaya McCraven. They are a perfect showcase of Henry’s proneness to experimenting and playing with conventions. Unlike them, however, Realisations” serves as a more constrained, stylistic nod to classic jazz as we all know and have grown to love it.

Except being an all-rounded composer, Ashley Henry is also an accomplished virtuoso pianist by vocation. Hence, the crystal-like keys shouldn’t come as a surprise. What does come as such, though, is his ability to exercise restraint and allow the other instruments to shine through, for which there is no better example than “Realisations”. Before even the first half of the track is over, you will have enjoyed two consequential musical gems in the form of a trumpet and saxophone solos, courtesy of, correspondingly, Dylan Jones and Binker Golding. There is a lot to be said about the tremendous job the bass and drums do in terms of keeping the rhythm steady and fresh, balancing between moderation and lavishness

There is, however, far more to hear, so I would advise you to not spend a second longer in reading this, but to find the track and press the play button… Like right now!