After I stumbled upon Sound of Fractures’ “Dream” back in June, I went back and started digging around his discography. One of the best music scouting decisions I’ve done in a while!

“Real Friends”, taken off Jamie’s 2021 EP Real Friends is a true present for any dreamy electronica fan out there. Blending that punchy-ness of Tourist with a slight Burial darkness, the track is absolutely enchanting and I just can’t stop repeating it. Goosebumps all the way.

Real Friends is an offering, and an invitation to join and reminisce on your own personal memories for a joint collective experience, with a heavy devotion to entice and mesmerise in pure sentimental euphoria.“, shares the producer.

Internet friends, you will not be disappointed. Inspired and shaped by the UK dance / garage scene, soul, hip hop and IDM, I highly encourage you to further dwell into the sonic universe of Sound of Fractures.