Last week has been cruising around, chilling in nature, dipping in the sea, and soaking in the sun. This summer has definitely been marked by the mark of movement. That being said, it’s nice to take a break, catch a breath and discover some new music to accompany you on what’s next.

Inwards’ “Raindrops” felt like a trip back in the early SoundCloud age, around the time we started Stereofox and scouting took ages! That was when I discovered acts like Ambassadeurs, Lapalux and Kodak to Graph and the world of experimental electronica.

Kristian Shelley AKA Inwards is a multi-instrumentalist and modular synth programmer from the UK. His sonic universe is colourful, experimental and somewhat nostalgic. While one might say the track is rather repetitive (not in a bad way), to me it feels like a beautifully and slowly revealing puzzle with all these tiny sounds splattered around. Gotta love the modular synths throughout the composition and the way he’s chopped those vocal bits – spectacular! His tracks spring from a need to communicate beyond words. Channelling intensely felt snapshots of his inner world, Inwards also finds inspiration in the rural surroundings of his home/studio – a log cabin situated in a nature reserve on land formerly farmed by previous generations of his family.

Released via Small Pond, this track is your weekend gateway to chill.