A journey through Wonderland by a little cute flying train – that’s the picture which camoufly’s latest single brought to my mind. I felt like I’m flying through cotton candy clouds, endless rainbows and dancing flamingos!

Energizing and uplifting, the track is supposed to be the climax of his forthcoming EP. The mysterious producer, whose identity remains unveiled, shares:

It’s the first track I made for this EP. It reminds me of a certain way of making and thinking music that has become less relevant these years. Many times I jokingly call my music “backwards-thinking” because I get a lot of ideas from music released 5 to 10 years ago. I think many people forget how many gems were released at that time.

“Pyramids” brings the kawaii bounce genre to new heights. Captivating keys build up the anticipation, reaching peaks with fluttering, fluctuating synths that make up the track’s hook. “Pyramids”’ percussion acts as the heartbeat of the track, continuously moving past the melody’s highs and lows to motivate you to keep on.

As the first single of the project, “Pyramids” gives listeners the perfect teaser to what you can expect from The Giant EP, out August 20, 2021. So stay tuned.