Your jaw will drop in 3, 2, 1…

Meet 19-year-old r&b artist Grace Sorensen and her slow-motion seductive energy “PRETTY BOY”.

The track is lifted from the rising artist’s debut EP, WHAT I NEVER TOLD YOU. “From relationships I’ve tried, the hardest lesson has been learning to be confrontational“, shares Grace. “I would often spare my own desire for justice to maintain peace, and that regret turned into the fuel for my project. Each song was written from a reminiscent point of view – analysing the reality of who I experienced and understanding that my anger/disappointment was valid. Since I realised this validity too late to fight for myself, I intended for these songs to be heard by specific people as poetic justice – and in my own way, tell them what I never told them.” 

When I first heard the track, I found myself in an endless daydreaming loop. Grace’s voice is so captivating, it makes you forget the surroundings.

I can’t share the song and skip on the equally impressive visuals directed by Daniel Castillo. Feast your eyes.