Pull out your sunglasses and swimming suits for this one, it’s the sonic equivalent of summer!

Through uplifting brass, groovy beats, and soulful samples, Pablo’s flair for digging old rare vinyls gives birth to five fresh tunes that found a home in the Pool Parties EP. In an attempt to recreate the warm & carefree feeling from memories of swimming in his grandparents’ pool with soul tunes playing, the US-based artist created a sun-soaked fusion of beats, jazz, and soul.

With its catchy groove, the lead single “Pool Noodles” will certainly set a positive tone for the remaining summer days. A heartwarming nostalgia, thanks to the dusty old soul sample, blends with a hopeful feeling for the future, represented by the brassy textures.

You can expect the whole Pool Parties EP on September 14th, 2021 via yours truly, Stereofox Records.