Honestly, hearing a sound like this from Billy Hammer came as a complete surprise as I made the mistake of pigeon-holing the U.S. based artist as a “Lofi producer”.

“Planet” serves as an example of how far Billy is able to stretch his musical abilities as he takes listeners on a serene journey underpinned by a Downtempo influence. Even though I was enamored by the bright colors of the steel pan and the melodic arrangements guiding the progression… It was predominantly the captivating story behind this gem that allowed me to connect to it on a deeper level:

Planet (In Your Eye) is an uptempo, organic groove inspired by looking into the eye of my partner while under the influence of LSD in the mountains of Sedona.

If you’re a fan of Bonobo, Four Tet, or even Phalaeh this is something you’ll surely love!