“Pink Skies” is not your typical chill-hop experience. As per usual Noxz offers a carefully crafted mixture of old school vibes and contemporary elements in his latest track and the result is a track, full of graciousness and pure joy.

Jazz and r&b-driven beat, combined with chords that express the meditative gratitude state, paint an exquisite sonic scape of well-being. Charged with warm-heartedness, the track serves as a reminder of those good things, that surround us and make our life worth living. Just like a beautiful sunset, they don’t occur all the time, but they do happen and if we take a moment to pay attention and look at them, we might as well find ourselves in a state of bliss. “Pink Skies” reflects exactly this blissful mood.

Allow yourself to put your pink glasses on for a moment and surrender to the goodness of this track.