Boyan is like this all-powerful producer Godlike being that can send you anywhere in the sonic universe and still blow your mind. Jazz beats? Sure. Disco and funky grooves? Say no more. Drum & bass? Of course. Organic electronica and break beats? After today, 120% yes.

Honestly, I am honoured to be able to call him not just label mate, but a friend. “Passing By” marks the 2nd step of his Unfold EP journey scheduled for this summer.

The track is an endless stream of surprises. Starting out with his signature piano-inspired cinematic build up, which we experienced in Closure EP, the tune quickly belts out and forms this unstoppable andless force of electronic energy with a beautiful spin towards the 3:20 mark.

unfold /ʌnˈfəʊld/

[ to gradually develop or be revealed ]

“Unfold is the natural musical evolution of my 2021 Closure EP. It’s a sonic manifestation of the “one door closes, another one opens” saying.

This is not so much in a musical way but in a personal one. A lot of major things have happened in my life throughout 2021 and early 2022 and for better or worse I had to learn, yet again, to let things go in order to make room for new opportunities to enter.”, shares the Bulgarian artist.