Expo 88 takes us on a marvellous journey in his sonic world, full of dynamic percussion, pulsing synths and live-played instruments.

The track feels like travelling and discovering numerous new beautiful views and things to wonder at. And somewhere in between the sonic movement, the jazz saxophonist, composer and producer made space for a moment of calm appreciation, marked by the gentle emotiveness of a clarinet, also played by himself. He shares:

“Passengers” is a Bonobo and Four Tet inspired dance track, heavily influenced by my time composing for the Luke Cuerel Orchestra. My first instrument was the clarinet, so I have a particular fondness for the instrument that really comes through in this tune. This track, and most of the EP, is a reflection on my training and influences growing up, making jazz music and dance music. The track came about thinking about the imagery of looking out the window of a car or a train and using that as visual inspiration for the textures and sounds in the track.

The track is part of his latest EP Refractions, which you can listen to below:

Expo 88 Refractions EP
Passengers – Expo 88 03:56
Thicker Than Water – Expo 88 01:55
Refractions – Expo 88 04:14