If you’re looking for a 360-degree lofi sonic panorama, look no more! Alita Limona has constructed a wonderful multi-layered experience for you to close your eyes and take a chilled walk.

Combining laid-back hip hop drums, captivating saxophone melodies and some foley elements, the German artist captured what a walk in her favourite park sounds like.

A producer, pianist, singer, rapper, DJ, sound engineer, and live technician – Alita is a multi-talented and multi-skilled individual who provided another flavour to our Beat Queens Compilation. Here’s what she shares about her track:

“Orange Walk” was a special one actually. I broke with all kinds of normal song structures like verse and chorus and created more of an evolving story of sounds, each playing a role in the timeline. The idea came while I was walking through my neighbourhood in Berlin Kreuzberg with just the drum loop in my ears. It was autumn, the phase when the leaves are either yellow, red or orange and wherever you look you see bright colours…The different instruments of the song come and go, as if you would walk past them. This idea came from a sax player who sometimes practices in the park and the sound of his instrument changes with the wind and if you walk towards or away from him. That’s why the main part is dedicated to the saxophone.

Stream the full compilation here.