It’s time for something smooth and elevating!

US artist Mayn’s new single “Onda” is a delicate electronica piece, which combines lush atmospheric synths and crunchy percussion. The track feels light and gentle, offering a variety of sonic textures and navigating us through a non-gravity area of contentment.

Mayn – Charlie Maynard, is a producer, multi-instrumentalist, and visual artist. Charlie was a drummer for a long time before deciding to switch to a solo career, exploring his fascination with the surreal. Known for his dark, textural, and emotive electronic music, Maynard draws inspiration from photography and film to create a sonic escape rich with its own narrative. This is audible in his works and “Onda”‘s interesting character demonstrates his ability to play with the elements as if he’s drawing surreal paintings.

Ths is his first track for the year but I hope there are more many to follow!