When it comes to creating a soundscape, few artists can match the soft subtlety of Exist Strategy’s discography. 4lienetic, however, is one of those artists; you can imagine my excitement when their latest collaboration “Nyx” was announced.

The track absolutely does not disappoint. An ambient intro smothers the listener while a ticking synth carries the rhythm forwards. From the depths of the soundscape a gentle vocal cut ushers in the drum section; off-kilter hi-hats dance around the slow chords as the ticking synth pluck from earlier redoubles it’s efforts.

The atmosphere is lightened somewhat as a string section glides around in the background and the plucks get ever brighter: it feels almost like the night giving way to the dawn. Indeed the outro continues this idea, the gentle pads accompanied by a soft mallet sound like the sun rising.

Nyx is truly a modern classic, and is well worth a listen. You can do so here:

Exist Strategy Exist Strategy & 4lienetic – Nyx
Exist Strategy & 4lienetic – Nyx – Exist Strategy 03:46