Funky, groovy, and playful, “Noa, Noa” is its own little universe of emotions, carefully aligned instrumentals and mesmerizing vocals. The masterminds behind this gorgeous nu jazz track are British producer and multi-instrumentalist Hemai and Swiss singer Emilia Anastazja. 

Inspired by jazz legend Herbie Hancock and Buddhism, the two young talents complement each other perfectly in a harmonious yin-yang conception honoring space & togetherness, love & fear, soul & electronic. This embracing of duality throughout the track’s progression is bound to put your mind and heart at ease because is there something more liberating and empowering than honesty? And what is more beautiful than candid artistry?

“I like to imagine the music in its own little universe. Free of all things unloving, and rich of everything loving. All of the music tends to come from this place in my head and heart which is probably why I end up gravitating to certain progressions and instrumental choices.