I have the perfect track for the mood transition between the workday and the best time of the week: Friday night.

The latest release by US artists Cait Harris and Pell is a vibey r&b track with crunchy oldschool flavour. Cait’s lovely vocals, combined with the instrumental’s beautiful soulful nuance, make it hard for us not to fall in love with “Next Spot”, especially when Pell enters the track. His fresh flow adds the perfect amount of juice to the song and turns it into a low-key club banger. Here’s what they share:

“Next Spot” is about having a crazy/chaotic night-out with friends; barhopping throughout the city, meeting someone along the way that you have an interest in, but making it very clear that regardless of whether or not they stick with you for the rest of the night, you’re with your crew and you’re going to the NEXT SPOT!