Ren Claire is back with a fantastic EP, Refreshing, home to two wonderful songs titled “Tight Rope” and “Refresh Me.”

From energetic, conversing synths and pads accompanied by soft basslines, to slower-paced melodies, Ren Claire’s new songs are a breathtaking display of her artistry and special musicality.  

Ren Claire has always had a strong connection with pop-rock and alt-rock and is also an instrumentalist who plays the cello. Avril Lavigne, Green Day, Nirvana, Daft Punk, and Linkin Park are some of the artists that have inspired the talented artist to pursue her dream and invent her own sound. 

Everything about Ren Claire is refreshing, from her poetic songwriting to her exquisite vocal performances, so make sure to stream her latest EP, Refreshing, available on most major digital platforms. 

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