Fresh boombap vibes served with class by the Chicago-based wordsmith Lupe Fiasco. The renowned rapper proves his skills one more time, sipping steaming bars in his track “Naomi”.

His impeccable and captivating delivery matches the gorgeous jazzy beat, with the song exuding that special oldschool hip hop magic.

The single is taken off Lupe’s brand new 8th studio album. ‘Drill Music In Zion’ is packed with the twisty narratives and layered meanings that have become Lupe’s trademark, spliced with incisive social commentary and winking observations about the way we live today. He shares:

Your whole life you’re physically growing, and as an artist, I feel like I’m taller now. Not that I’m at a higher place of morality, it’s that my vantage point and perspective is higher. I can see further.

Explore the album below: