I’ve been following the work of Banyan since last year and it’s been an absolute pleasure to watch them blossom with each new release. Their latest track “Mystic” was not only released through our label over at Stereofox, but it also serves as their first foray into the realm of progressive house.

As interesting as the shimmering lead on “Mystic” may be, it’s the embellishments around it that give the track a distinct touch thanks to the vivid colors of the gamelans and hang drums that bring the track to life. A cinematic edge graces the closing moments as these distant strings make their presence felt in the mix.

The song encapsulated so many things we love and have wanted to incorporate into our music for a long time, especially after exploring other genres and trying to hone our sound for many years, and I think because of that it was a really blissful moment of gratitude for us.