Joya Mooi’s silky vocals in “My Favourite” are softer than vanilla sponge cake and will caress your soul, while the instrumental makes you wanna dance and swing along .

A follow-up to her stunning single “Remember”, the new track is an up-beat offering that celebrates friendship and good times. For fans of Kaytranada, Shay Lia and Soulection, “My Favourite”’s electronic-tinged production is drenched in nostalgia as Joya’s heavenly vocals provide the perfect soundtrack for late summer nights and a return to the dancefloor. The supporting video captures this positive energy too, with Joya joined by her close friends and band for a relaxed and feel-good performance.  The singer explains:

 “My Favourite” is an ode to loving friendships, a song for the ones who are always there and show up in many ways; day or night. I wanted to create a playful track that captures the spirit of my community and celebrates my closest friends. Especially during these times, meaningful friendships are so essential when things get rough. Can’t thank them enough, for the love and joy they bring. And it was so fun to invite my friends and my bandmates for the video we created for “My Favourite“.

Have a look at the video below: