Billy Hammer‘s approach to lofi generates beautiful genre-bending compositions that celebrate life.

Drawing inspiration from nature and the psychedelic experience, the producer and multi-instrumentalist uses his guitars, violin, synth, and mandolin to create his own blend of lofi music.

Taken from his new lofi/folktronica EP, “mushroom” is a warm guitar-driven track that certainly stands out.

Mother is inspired by his life in a trailer in the Santa Monica Mountains for a year, where he formed a deeper connection to the Earth and wrote and recorded the project. Regarding this particular track form the project he shares:

Psilocybin has been an integral part of my personal journey, and “mushroom” is an ode to the mystery and glory that is the mushroom experience. I hope the melody takes you on a winding and soaring journey and allows you to feel the profundity of being alive.