I have a release for you all today at Stereofox Records!

Lofty and jaackson encourage listeners to stop and smell the roses with their new album ‘be still’. It’s all about taking time to enjoy life in the present moment and get the best of it without letting worries and anxiety cloud your mind.

We aspired to create a project that was abstract, yet grounded in our experiences and feelings of the time. The album could be read as a collaborative emotional time capsule. ‘be still’ appeals to the simplicity of beat-making while employing jazzier harmonies and wistful melodies. 

Lofty and jaackson

‘move with me’ sets the tone just right with its jazzy and laidback composition. The piano on this one is just outright gorgeous with a great bassline to match. A perfect vibe for introspective and peaceful moments.

So take your time and allow your life to move at a slower pace with these calming tunes!