We recently had the pleasure of catching up with Ta-Ku in our interview series and I’m glad to stay in the topic (somehow) because his frequent collaborator matt mcwaters dropped one of the most soothing chill vibes out there. The Canadian artist appeared on the scene in late 2018, and quickly caught the ear of Ta-ku, which he then went on to form duo Please Wait and to release fires like “Flight 99” with Masego and “Rush” featuring Alayna.

matt returns in 2021 with a solo release in “Morning Dew”, which thematically addresses the pain of being alone and in a dark place, but having that one person who can pull you out of it.

Morning Dew was inspired largely by the sounds of 2000s R&B, listening to people like D’Angelo, Maxwell and Erykah Badu has always led me to write harmony in that style. It’s about recognising the sadness in loneliness and about cherishing the person you love.”, shares matt.

I love how perfectly the guitar (played by Ilan Karasik) fits with the tight grooves and whoever did that kick is just God. The whole vibe paired with matt’s spacious and soothing vocals is just a reason to love life and music.

Have a wonderful day.