Deep, reflective, emotional, nostalgic – all adjectives that typically fit the mood of Catch the Rise’s music. So when Les Krills’ captivating track “Money Trees” correlated with those emotions, this gorgeous remix was born. With its catchy unique melodies, the arrangement is to the point and the lyrics will surely make you turn deep inside and question their message.

“When I first heard “Money Trees” by Les Krills, it was an instant favorite for me. I knew that there was something really special about this song. About a year later, I got the idea to reach out to the band via Instagram to ask if they would be interested in letting me put together a remix for them to listen to – no pressure or expectations beyond that. They were unbelievably open and gracious. When I heard the main lyric alone as a stem, without any of the other music around it, I was so moved. I built around that to create an emotive sound that captured how the lyrics made me feel.”

The musical atmosphere reflected in the remix is a direct image of Catch the Rise’s mood upon hearing those lyrics. As a big fan of indie rock and electronic, bringing those two genres together in a cohesive way seemed only natural. A true testament of how powerful and inspiring a musical piece can be, that it gives birth to another one, almost like a chain reaction.