Tackling an ever-popular philosophical subject through some hip-hop grooves with a jazzy twist, Jaish delivers bold flows on “Money money”.

Incorporating jazzy melodic instrumentals alongside introspective bars, the rapper and songwriter moves flawlessly between the bluesy brass sections and gentle piano arpeggios. With Loyle-Carner-like conversational and laid-back rap lines, the song takes well-loved contemporary sounds and flips them on their head, building an intricate style that keeps you hooked in its deep lyrical tone:

“I took inspiration for Money Money from my love for Joey Badass’ track ‘Paper Trails’, and the message that the song puts across. The fact that money doesn’t bring happiness, although it seems to be the one thing everyone chases, seems to be an interesting concept to me, and I think it’s great to have a conscious perspective on the fact that money isn’t everything. Although I strive to be successful and rich to provide for my friends and family, I also strive to find happiness in other aspects of life, which in my opinion are of more importance than the figure in the bank”