The evolution of Amtrac’s sound is superbly captured on MIDI Ceremony as this two-part EP sees the LA-based producer veer towards a dub-techno vinyl aesthetic, and a more minimalistic approach when it comes to his creative process.

On “Outer Station Support” we were acquainted with a spacey sound, and even though the title track contains a similar feel, an invitation is extented for listeners to dance and groove about thanks to the upbeat nature of the rhythm and the infectious bass lines. The lush chords punctuate “Midi Ceremony’s” dreaminess while the arrangement of the drums is quite reminiscent of dance music from yesteryears, yet tinted with a modern edge.

It’s a thoughtful track that encourages reflection—the perfect soundtrack to introspection, complete with spaces to breathe and turning points that reactivate the senses. Coming from Amtrac, we expect nothing less.