Coming from New Zealand, Lucien Johnson is a composer and saxophonist who brings us back to the roots of cool jazz. 

“Magnificent Moon” is a marvellous blend of classic jazz instruments, including saxophone, double bass, vibraphone and drums. 

The double bass solo gives a sultry and enigmatic sound to the track, while the harp elements give a glistening accent. 

Sticking true to the core elements of jazz, the instrument track sounds improvised, without repetitive riffs or melodies. When listening to “Magnificent Moon”, you feel as if you are at a live jazz concert, hearing the true craftsmanship of the saxophonist through his spontaneity. 

The track has a vintage jazz sound and makes you feel like you have just dropped the needle on a vinyl record. 

Part of Johnson’s Wax///Wane album, “Magnificent Moon” is the first of the 6 tracks on the record that reflect on nature’s phenomenons and brings a smooth and cool audible companion to your outdoor ventures.