And we’re back with the 2nd story piece / beat from our mate Boyan’s upcoming Closure EP. Honestly, the dude is so much pure talent, a good mate to hang with and when it comes to that bouncy bass – a clear winner!

“Luminous” is for those who love the Soulection future beats sound. “Luminious” is the soundtrack to your productive mornings. A feel-good power-up instrumental beat that blends chillhop, jazz, r&b, and future beats elements.

Part 2 of the story (after “I Know“),

You wake up. It’s a cold, but sunny morning and you feel good. You get behind the laptop and start riding the creative wave. It has been a while, but today you feel like there’s nothing that can stop you. Ideas keep flowing, and you can’t take the smile off your face. Today is one of those days where you end up dancing and vibing to the music around you.

You can also pre-order Closure on vinyl via Qrates below.

boyan closure vinyl