I’ve been waiting for months for this too appear in the light of day and here it is… This is our latest Stereofox Records release and this time gishfang bring new life into Boyan’s “Luminous”.

In countless features I’ve praised gishfang for seamlessly aligning good vibes and musical opulence in their craft. This is exactly the outcome of this remix. A bridge between electronic and hip hop is forged in a manner that’s quite reminiscent to the works of FKJ and Tom Misch, especially towards the end where large luminous synths cloak the stereo field whilst underpinned by an utterly groovy bounce.

“When we were asked to work on a remix of a Boyan single, it was love on the first sight when we heard the “Luminous” intro. The production itself was such a smooth wave to surf and after a few hours our work was done.