Things don’t get any more summer-y than this next feature. 2 artists I absolutely love joining forces to work on something positive. Friday done right with some daytime disco vibes.

German producer Satin Jackets (who last year worked with Tycho) remixes Poolside’s “Losing Control” as part of the announcement of HIGH SEASON – the follow-up to Poolside’s 2020 release LOW SEASON. The new release will collect new tracks alongside a number of previously released collaborations and remixes.

The timeline of HIGH SEASON‘s release is no coincidence. The album arrives just as the world begins to slowly make its way out of the global pandemic and it aims a provide a ray of positive chill, but still dance-like vibes. It is all opposed to the rather introspective LOW SEASON which Poolside released last year midst Pandemic.

Tim (Satin Jackets) shares, “I’ve known and loved Poolside from the very beginning. Being asked to remix a track for him was like a dream that I had for a long time come true. I poured my heart and soul into reinterpreting ‘Losing Control’ and I hope it shows my appreciation.

It all comes with some of the most mesmerizing visuals ever. It’s gloomy here in Sofia, but this is a nice escape.