Filled with divine and efficient folk and pop vibes, the latest EP from singer and songwriter Sham, Shambhavi Raj, is her most assured work yet. 

Discoveries got its start under the influence of acoustic instruments to turn into a synth-pop at the end of the collection. Including only 5 tracks, Sham proved her abilities to deliver captivating, and rich sounds served on well-chosen hymns. Sham wrote and composed her EP in the spirit of young girls’ energy, based on her inner strength and charm. Discoveries is a glamour album that can be played by any girl who is looking for some warm LA-vibes to chill or prepare for a night out. Sham pulled out romantic and vigorous disco energy while singing out her stories about relationships. Her music is extremely relatable, and we guess that is Sham’s secret method for growing such a big fanbase in such a short time: be honest and send some good energy with your music. 

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