I love it when the sound design is so widespread and vibrant that you feel like there is a tiny spirit-being with sparkling eyes, which gets inside you the minute you press play and moves you from within in a vitalizing way. With ”Limitless” I can’t help but feel exactly this.

The dynamism of the bass, combined with the playfulness of the synths create the feeling of spaciousness, while the other elements contribute to the warm melodicism of the track. The vocal chops bring yet another layer to the multidimensional sonic panorama.

The track is part of HAELIUM’s recently released EP Expanding, out via Future Archive Recordings.

The EP is a wonderful demonstration of his ability to fuse electronic music with forward-thinking indie melodies and lush, spacious vocals. The resulting indie-electronic / bedroom pop fits in among indie and electronic fans alike. Covering everything from dancy, hopeful, melancholic and grieving to moments of celebration and bliss, the 7-track journey feels wide in its emotional content while remaining cohesive in its musical aesthetic.

So feel free to check it out below:

Future Archive Recordings HAELIUM – Expanding
HAELIUM – Somehow – Future Archive Recordings 03:53
HAELIUM – Lost Someone – Future Archive Recordings 03:44
HAELIUM – Limitless – Future Archive Recordings 03:08
HAELIUM – Perseverance – Future Archive Recordings 02:37
HAELIUM – Far From Here – Future Archive Recordings 04:07
HAELIUM – Pensive – Future Archive Recordings 03:08
HAELIUM – For You – Future Archive Recordings 03:12