Wow! I’m extremely appreciative to the folks over at Jet Black for sending this gem over. “Libre” is part of the latest Sparrow & Barbossa album SEVEN SEAS and the entire journey is something we usually don’t come across.

Sparrow & Barbossa are an acclaimed Afro-House and Latino-House duo who have made a name for themselves by elegantly blurring the lines of genre with their craft. With their album SEVEN SEAS the duo sonically traverses various sounds found across the globe to create a listening experience that feels like a voyage from start to finish. The lavishly arranged “Libre” featuring Cee ElAssaad is among the stand-out gems in the album and it wonderfully captures the feelings associated with a joyous tropical summer.

SEVEN SEAS can be found below, and I’m sure you’re about to brighten up your day the moment you hit play.