Nothing exposes the song’s message more than a music video filled with extra references, and little background stories. A few weeks ago, Lékan Tella followed up on his debut single ‘Emptiness,’ and released a second number ‘Savannah Red.’ His fanbase was impatiently waiting for his first visuals, and the wait surely paid off! 

Lékan Tella delivered a stunning video for his latest single and surprised everyone with his high-shelf aesthetics for the funkiest track this year. ‘Savannah Red’ captures the story of exposing his deepest secrets, not being bothered about anything, and just doing what’s best at a certain moment in life. The main topic of Lékan’s story is in an unsatisfying relationship and one partner decides to go with the flow, and hang out with the one who makes her laugh and happy. She spends the night out, but in the end, she comes back to her boyfriend and pretends all is good. Lékan Tella puts a lot of effort into the video, and the aesthetics are jaw-dropping. The visual itself is a short story movie that deserves a separate feature. Looking forward to seeing more from Lékan Tella!