4 months since my first voice note message from Mila where she sent me 27 demos! Initially I was a bit shocked, but then I started going through them and I found tons of gems. Turned out she sent me the wrong link and she already had the final selection for what shaped to be Gap Summer EP – one of the most colorful releases to this day on our label.

For those who are stumbling Mila Robert’s name for the first time – she is a Bulgarian singer, actress and painter and easily one of the most energetic and high-on-life people I’ve met IRL. She plays the ukulele, kazoo, guitar and as of recently is producing her own beats.

I’m kicking off the celebration tradition with my personal champion off that release – “Lazy Baby Fuck”, EP’s closing track. It encourages the listener to get up do the things he wants. The song emphasizes on the fact that a person can’t never “rely on luck” and has to work instead. My personal mantra.

The idea of the peace is to make the listener feel loved and understood, but at the same time motivate him to follow his dreams.

“I wrote all of the songs on the Gap summer EP with my feet in sea and a laptop in my lap. I love making beats and this release is my beatmaker debut, with the help of another 3 wonderful producers.

All of the songs are reflections of my journey so far and my desire to change and go places. The EP starts with a break up (Break Up with U), goes trough a little bit of irrational jealousy (That Girl), then the sweet release of finally being free and okay on your own (Gap Summer), followed by flirtatious enjoyment (I Love Me, I Love Boys), falling in love again, but being able to be strong (Born In Debt) and finally – getting up and doing all of the things I said I’d do (Lazy Baby Fuck).”, shares Mila.

A special thanks to all these people who made this all possible:

Stream Gap Summer on all streaming platforms here. A beautiful mix of genres like bedroom pop, indie soul and r&b.