Andrew Rothschild offers up the first taste of his upcoming second full-length record New Leaf with the delicate organic sounds of “Lavender”, out now via Loci Records.

 The track has all the makings of a soothing lullaby, but the driving 4/4 groove makes this one a perfect selection for the dance floor.

The richness of Andrew Rothschild’s sound is ever-present, with delicate melodic sine tones, soulful vocals and organic percussion creating a gloriously soft-around-the-edges piece that strikes the balance between upbeat and downtempo perfectly. In his own words, Rothschild states:

“Lavender” was a tune I made after I thought my album was finished, to be honest. When I’m stuck mixing my tracks all day, I get bored and want to have fun making something new just to give my ears a break. This is one of those tunes that just flowed out over the span of a few days where it got to the point I loved it enough to squeeze it onto the album. Now, I have it as my first single representing New Leaf – couldn’t seem more perfect. The song was the effect of listening to the rest of the album on repeat for days. You can possibly call it a summary.