CHROMA is the title of Danish-born producer Blossum’s recently released EP. It comes off to an amazing start with the first jam titled “Late Arrival”.

A masterfully produced jazz composition consisting of all the classic elements, that is a nod to the golden era of hip-hop, sprinkled with in-the-pocket guitar, smooth saxophone, and soulful piano chords. Blossum found inspiration for this track in the feeling of arriving late to a party that’s almost over, people are mellowed out, relaxing after a long day, and he captured that vibe just right.

As a self-taught musician, Blossum obviously has built himself an incredible skillset, perfectly suitable for the tracks he’s creating. His sound is like a breath of fresh air in the instrumental hip-hop scene, combining organic and synthetic sounds to create a vivid palette of soundscapes, filled with colorful harmonies and lush melodies. So be prepared for an amazing journey through music influenced by the monumental eras of smooth vibes.

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