Today’s sip of sonic tranquillity is provided by Berlin-based Peruvian DJ and producer Sofia Kourtesis.

The track is off her EP Fresia Magdalena from this year and is a remarkable dynamic soundscape of buoyancy. It effortlessly opens up your senses and softly pulls you into a dreamy, meditative state.

 The song’s mood could be described as having your hand out of the car window, against the wind, while driving away from all the craziness of everyday life. The track grants a profound sense of freedom and light-heartedness.

Sofia managed to put all the pieces in their right places, establishing an elegant balance. The way she dressed the unobtrusive drums in synths and vocal samples, turned the composition into a multi-layered but coherent sound journey, which offers warmth and comfort.

In other words, “La Perla” is a must-have for your ‘Summer Roadtrip’ playlist.

Listen below to the whole EP, out via Ninja Tune’s Technicolour imprint: