I’ve always found HOUNDTRACK‘s music very dear to my heart and I’m more than stoked to present to you another release we’re doing with him.

For this one he’s joined by another immense talent, US producer jives. They share a love for peculiar production techniques and “kindred spirits” is the climax of their chemistry – a heartwarming blend of downtempo, melodic bass & future beats that will touch your soul. HOUNDTRACK shares the sad but beautiful story behind it:

I was dealing with the loss of my father while making the song. The main pitched-up vocal melody is a recording of me singing in my childhood bedroom, just a few feet from where my father passed away. I think you’ll hear the pain in the melody. Jives and I had been talking online and realized we had a lot of similar production techniques. He really helped bring the song together, and our shared sounds are reflected by the fact that we are ‘kindred spirits’ even though we have yet to meet.

You can listen to the song on your preferred DSP here.