It’s hard to resist Kwaye’s voice and this song doesn’t make it any easier. The LA-based artist treats us with another marvellous ‘soft light’ indie r&b tune.

Combining groove-laden percussion with sparkling synths, the instrumental is a great canvas for Kwaye to portray his music abilities, resulting in a gracious and sensual funk-infused track. Lyrically “Kindness” brings forward a message of positivity. The artist shares:

I hope it’s a song that adds depth to a positive feeling in the sense that when you listen to slower songs or sad songs, we refer to those songs as deep. I feel like it’s possible to feel that way about happy songs. It’s possible to feel that deep level of happiness and joy. The music that is out is an indication into the variety of sonic roads that I hope to take you on [on ‘Learning To Swim’]. The journey is a beautiful one, but the music that we travel through is expansive.

With “Kindness” Kwaye announces his forthcoming EP Learning To Swim.