Multidisciplinary artist Kelly Monrow never ceases to amaze! The talented performer, singer-songwriter, and actress continues to win over hearts with every new release by showing people her truest and most vulnerable self. Since her debut album Scars of Venus came out, the Texas native has shared music videos with subtle but powerful messages. Now she drops another one for “Wounds,” which is one of the most impactful songs of her recent record.

Following “Wake Up,” “Ain’t Mine,” “Jagged Heart” and “The Woman,” the visuals for “Wounds” reveal a more tender side of Monrow, who with her impeccable vocals and raw energy takes the Southern Rock and Alternative track to a whole new level. The single is an honest interpretation of the struggle Kelly faces with who she is, but eventually comes out stronger and more confident, loving and embracing every bit of herself.

“Wounds” encourages the audience to find strength within themselves and look for the bright side, but at the same time portrays that delicate emotional state people go through when they’re feeling their lowest: “How these wounds keep on showin’/ Cuts me deep but I do it again/ Oh ohhhh/ And I take your word for it/ And then you take back all that you said/ I compromise the terms of my own love/ You still walk out/ Leave me feeling I’m not enough.” 

Kelly Monrow always knows how to communicate her inner thoughts and delivers relatable songs that instantly connect with the audience. “Wounds” is one of those tracks that transmit a bittersweet feeling and mirror different aspects of life and love with utmost delicacy.

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