“Keep Searching” will take you to the secret corners of the mind that hide the pre-speech truths, otherwise unattainable with words. This brilliant instrumental piece offers a cinematic experience, triggering both your imagination and senses.

Besides a soothing atmosphere, the freshly released on Stereofox Records track carries a mysterious flavour, thanks to the wonderful melodic arrangement. Crafted by D0d. and Nothingtosay, it unveils another beautiful side of chillhop. D0d. elaborates:

Borrowing from the film music genre with string ostinatos, winds, oboes and glockenspiel while merging together electronic chopped foleys and synths inside a chillhop rythmic package, “Keep Searching” takes us onto a multifaceted journey to express the beauty and mystery of the universe. A track for the mind to wander at the possibility of life elsewhere, beyond our own boundaries.

Stream here.