Karen Salicath Jamali, a luminary in the realm of contemporary classical music, unveils her latest masterpiece, “Angel Calling.” Seamlessly blending her roles as a multi-award-winning composer, pianist, and producer with her prowess in visual arts, this release stands as a testament to her unique connection with music, born from an unexpected twist of fate and a near-death experience.

Born in Denmark and currently residing in NYC and Florida, Jamali‘s musical odyssey took an unforeseen turn after a life-altering accident in 2012. A head injury and a subsequent near-death experience opened a new chapter in her life, where the piano became her conduit to healing. Strikingly, she had never played the piano before, but the accident acted as a catalyst, unraveling a world of self-taught, meditative music that became a source of solace for her and now for her listeners.

Angel Calling,” her latest release, is an extension of her musical exploration. The album has garnered acclaim, described as an ode to both immortal and mortal elements in mankind—a prayer invoking the divine, innocent, and spiritual traits of angels. Indie-Spoonful and The Ark Of Music have lauded the album’s ability to transcend traditional boundaries, labeling it a spiritual means to rejuvenation.

Karen‘s accolades include two nominations from The Josie Music Award for Album of the Year 2023 Instrumental for “Hope of Angels” and a nomination for Musician of the Year 2023 for piano/keys. Additionally, she was inducted into The Akademia Music Award Hall of Fame in 2023 and secured the Grand Winner title for Best Classical Song in January 2023 with “Angel Arcadia.”

Beyond music, Karen‘s visual artistry, showcased in 180+ exhibitions worldwide, reflects a spiritual connection with nature. Her sculptures and paintings convey universality through gestures and poses, evoking the human condition.

In a world saturated with musical offerings, Karen Salicath Jamali‘s “Angel Calling” stands out as a unique and introspective piece, a harmonious dialogue between the artist and the universe she beautifully interprets through her music.

Listen to “Angel Calling” here:

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