Time to space out with this vibey r&b inspired jam by rapper K.O.N and producer WowJus7in. Hailing from Nashville’s hip hop scene, the two artists deliver some freshness straight to your headphones (or speakers). Getting lost in the trippy instrumental, you might find yourself floating in the lovely atmosphere and you shouldn’t be surprised if by the end of the track, you have the chorus stuck as a mantra in your head.

The track is part of a recent album drop by the two artists. Regarding the project K.O.N shares:

This past year came with so my trials & lessons that at times it felt unreal. It was to a point where I didn’t know what direction I was headed and I mentally felt like I was spiralling. 7 months ago the idea of trying to put together a project was simmering out and I was becoming indifferent about setting any goals to releasing music. Fortunately, while things felt like they were falling apart many things were coming together. God led me to people who saw potential in me at a time I was struggling to see my own. And kept me around people who value me for who I am.

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