As a follow-up to Emancipator and Cloudchord’s “Thumper” from, I want to share with you another beautiful composition from their joint EP Citrus Fever Dream (via Loci Records) which came out last Friday. Cloudchord is also a touring guitarist for Emancipator’s live band, but this synergy is just incredible.

I am definitely having a hard time pinpointing “Jade” down… one could say she’s a wild one. While it follows a rather downtempo-like structure, the 5 minutes and 13 seconds of this track also take you on a number of trips. Expect jazz, Eastern music elements, and chill out inspired by Nightmares on Wax.

While I love this instrumental, I highly recommend exploring the whole EP though! Stylistically floating between neo-soul, chill hop, and downtempo, it’s a collection that infuses the instrumental abilities of Cloudchord with the tasteful production sensibilities of Emancipator to great effect.

Loci Records Emancipator & Cloudchord – ‘Citrus Fever Dream’
Emancipator & Cloudchord – Thumper – Loci Records 02:17
Emancipator & Cloudchord – Lemon Lime – Loci Records 03:53
Emancipator & Cloudchord – Jade – Loci Records 04:22
Emancipator & Cloudchord – Tea Sprinkles – Loci Records 04:04
Emancipator & Cloudchord – Tahitian Blues – Loci Records 02:05