Nothing says I’ve Grown like a synth power-up beat wit wobbly base structure that exhales confidence.

That’s how I would sum up Sofasound’s 2nd EP with our label and the title track from this release. Whilst his previous EP Forget About Me which we dropped in December, I’ve Grown EP portrays Sofasound’s journey of self-discovery not only as an artist but also as an individual. During the creation of the project Sofasound’s health gradually blossomed while his anxiety withered with the acceptance of what’s lost. These changes contributed to his creative process immensely.

“I’ve Grown” refers to a time of less anxiety, acceptance of self, and acceptance of losing old friendships and relationships because of my changes for bettering my own health/mental health. I had to put a lot of myself behind myself to find the core of who I was really meant to be. Every track is meant to build from the first project almost as if I was uneasy or unsteady and then come down as I find my center and my rest in the second EP.”, shares John.

Stream the full EP on all major DSPs here.