One of the first tracks that I ever heard in the Stereofox blog, back when I was still just a fan, was Leyya’s “Superego“. I was amazed by how the Austrian duo manages to blend upbeat vibes and smoothness in one track.

And voila, here comes their new single “I’ve Been Down” – a perfect example of what I’m talking about. With a pinch of melancholy in the soothing vocals but with driving progressive electronica beatwork, the track is an absolute slow-dance anthem.

“I’ve Been Down” is part of their 6-track EP called Longest Day Of My Life, aiming to remove the taboos associated with depression, which Sophie, the singer, was diagnosed with:

I have observed what my depression does to me and also to those around me. How I deal with it affects how those around me deal with it. It’s a vicious cycle that you can only break out of if you’re open about it and talk about it.

Fun fact: the artwork is created by artificial intelligence, programmed by David Einwaller.