Woody and Jeremy are steadily stepping into the new year with their single “It’s On.” 

This new jam is a product of Woody Goss and Jeremy Daly who released their first album, Strange Satisfaction in March of last year. 

Goss, who is the “secret fourth member of Vulfpeck” (his words, not mine) is a composer and musician who comes together with singer Daly to make sweet, funky tracks together and “It’s On” doesn’t miss that beat. While the track has more of a pop sound than their previous work, Woody and Jeremy keep the groove alive with a prominent bass line and a Goss’ classic – cowbells. The chorus has a catchy summer sound that will surely get you jamming. 

While many new funk musicians resort to the heavy use of electronics, Woody and Jeremy keep true to the funk and use live instruments in their songs. Without a doubt, they add a genuine touch of their expertise that gives their work a fresh new feel. 

After all, thing’s don’t change, they just rearrange.