Australian artist Billy Fox returns this week with a bright new treat called “It’s A Mess”, which also comes with a glorious Jarred Lammiman & Alex Campbell directed music video.

Dedicated to the messy times that life throws in our path, “It’s a mess” is what the calm realization that ‘there is order in the chaos’ would sound like.

“This song is also about embracing the messiness and accepting it as much as you can. Sometimes we need to resist and fight back, but other times, the more we resist, the harder it is for the solution to appear – if you’re caught in a rip in the surf, you’ve gotta keep calm, save your energy and try to keep your head above the water.” Billy Fox

With its modern soulful sound, the track fits perfectly Fox’s discography so far and sets the mood for a laid-back summer afternoon.

In the beautiful video, shot in Melbourne and Sydney, Billy Fox is taking us for a cruise around town on a warm summer’s day in a vintage 1964 XM Falcon. Needless to say, the footage compliments the song superbly and intensifies the delightful mellowness of the track.

‘It’s a mess’ is due on July 1st and will be available everywhere including Spotify & Apple Music.